The desert as a playground.

Every story has its beginning. Our story started 25 years ago in the deserts of this planet. As supporting-team at the great rallies we were on tour in Tunisia, in the Arab Emirates, Libya and Egypt. We were at home at “Dakar” in the same way as “Pharaonen-Rally” and “Desert-Challenge”.

Today we escort you at a unique off-road-event into the deserts. We participate you in the adventure “desert-rally” and show you what it means to travel thousands of kilometres through endless dunes for many weeks. We will show you what it means to grapple again and again with imponderables, water scarcity and food shortage. What it means to face new challenges each day and to retrospect an unforgettable experience afterwards.

Trust in our professional knowledge in rally-logistics, see the desert as a playing field for your company-event and experience the fascination “desert-rally”.