For many years pro-log as one of Germanys leading outdoor-incentive-agencies is arranging off-road- and outdoor-incentives at an own event-ground for industrial companies from all over Europe. Incentives well known for its own character and unique atmosphere.

In the field of Product Presentations the company is responsible for a lot of promotions and product-launches. Audi Q7 for example was presented in various cities in Europe to distributors at an own presentation module, called Four-Wheel-Performing-System (F.W.P.S).

Also Hummer H3 was promoted and presented at F.W.P.S in Europe.

And last but not least pro-log has created ABENTEUER & ALLRAD. More than 250 exhibitors and about 50.000 visitors from all over the world come to Bad Kissingen year in and year out to see “World's largest cross-country-expo”.